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REPL remote access for Node apps/services with cluster and worker selection support.


  • Remote access over replr client with HTTP upgrade, netcat or telnet on a TCP port
  • Use as console to spin up a rails console clone for your stack in minutes
  • Use cmds() to list all exported methods and corresponding documentation
  • Use vars() to list all exported vars
  • Use workers() to describe all workers of a cluster node app
  • Use select(workerId) to switch REPL context to a worker
  • Supports REPL over unix domain socket by specifying port as a file path

How add replr?

    name: 'MyApp console',
    prompt: 'myApp> ',
    port: 2323,
    useColors: true,
    useGlobal: true,
    ignoreUndefined: true,
    exports: function replrExports() {
        return {
            increment: function increment() {
                return statefulThing.counter++;
            getStatefulThing: function getStatefulThing() {
                return statefulThing;

For an example of using replr as a console see the examples/console.js example.


npm install replr


npm test

MIT Licensed