15 Packages by rlidwka

  • asset-pipeline Runtime assets builder for Express 3
  • expose_curl tool to trace and replay http requests
  • express-json5 json/json5 body parsing middleware
  • fann FANN (Fast Artificial Neural Network Library) bindings for Node.js
  • hotswap Code hotswapping for your node.js modules
  • jju a set of utilities to work with JSON / JSON5 documents
  • remarkable-regexp plugin that makes regexp replacement simple
  • render-readme render and sanitize readme.md just like github would
  • sinopia Private npm repository server
  • sinopia-htpasswd auth plugin for sinopia supporting htpasswd format
  • sinopia-ldap LDAP auth plugin for sinopia
  • x-eve `x-eve` - a JavaScript object schema, processor and validation lib ([EVE](https://github.com/zzdhidden/EVE/) fork)
  • yaml-update Update yaml file preserving structure (comments, linebreaks, etc.), VERY limited
  • yapm package manager for io.js (npm fork)
  • yapm-progress progress bar extracted from yapm