17 Packages by remixz

  • atom-shell-packager package and distribute your atom-shell app in OS executables (.app, .exe, etc) via JS or CLI
  • canvas-to-blob Canvas toBlob polyfill
  • diy API client for
  • dogeify Dogescript transform for Browserify
  • dogescript wow so syntax very doge much future
  • dson-djs DSON parser in Dogescript
  • gh-msg Git commit message hook for GitHub issues
  • hint-hint A module to produce TAP output for JSHint.
  • hostme Simple hosts file setup
  • l10n-html A module that creates localized HTML.
  • minecraft-pi A Node.js API for Minecraft: Pi Edition.
  • monu ![app.png](app.png)
  • mvm Minecraft version manager.
  • publish-release Create GitHub releases with assets
  • traducteur A simple Node.js client for Google's Translation API.
  • wizardry A task-based library for GraphicsMagick / ImageMagick.
  • yohoho API client for official Yo API