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Build a distributable app from an atom-shell app source code directory. Currently only Mac OS is implemented but you can send PRs to implement windows/linux :)


Build Status

For an example project using this, check out Monu


# for use in npm scripts
npm i atom-shell-packager --save-dev
# for use from cli
npm i atom-shell-packager -g
# you also need atom-shell installed
npm i atom-shell


$ atom-shell-packager my-app-source-dir AppName

This will:

  • Find the closest local version of atom-shell installed (using require.resolve)
  • Use that version of atom-shell to create a Mac app in cwd called

You should be able to double-click to launch the app. If not, check your settings and try again.

Be careful not to include node_modules you don't want into your final app. For example, do not include the node_modules/atom-shell-packager folder or node_modules/atom-shell. You can use --ignore=node_modules/atom-shell to ignore of these


these are optional CLI options you can pass in

  • out (default current working dir) - the dir to put the app into at the end
  • version (default hardcoded in source) - atom-shell version to use
  • app-bundle-id - bundle identifier to use in the app plist
  • helper-bundle-id - bundle identifier to use in the app helper plist
  • ignore (default none) - do not copy files into App whose filenames regex .match this string
  • prune - runs npm prune --production on the app