11 Packages by randymized

  • composable-middlewar... Treat a sequence of middleware as middleware.
  • fsroute A filesystem-based router. Resources are served from filesystem paths that correspond to the URL.
  • level-superlevel Sublevel partitions the database. Superlevel allows accessing the entire database, including browsing all the sublevels.
  • malifi MAny LIttle FIles. A Connect layer where requests are routed to files in a directory whose structure reflects that of the URL. Malifi organizes all files that support a given page, such as code, template, css and supporting javascript together.
  • malifi-consolidate Adds template support to Malifi for the consolidate.js template engine consolidation library.
  • malifi-jade Adds Jade template support to Malifi.
  • malifi-marked Adds marked template support to Malifi
  • pause-request-body Middleware to pause streaming of the request body until a receiver is ready.
  • persistable-bitmap A bit map that can be persisted, such as in LevelDB databases.
  • string-accumulating-... A stream that accumulates all received chunks into a string.
  • www-authenticate Provides the functionality needed for a client to use HTTP Basic or Digest authentication. Also provides primitives for parsing WWW-Authenticate and Authentication_Info headers.