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Adds template support to Malifi for the consolidate.js template engine consolidation library.

Using this, any template library supported by Consolidate.js should be usable with Malifi.

Usage: In the metadata template_map_ object for the target MIME type, map file extension(s) to malifi-consolidate([engine_name]).

For example, to establish template mapping for an entire site, in the site's root directory file:

malifi_consolidate= require 'malifi-consolidate'
    'text/html': [
      ['html', malifi_consolidate('underscore')]
      ['jade', malifi_consolidate('jade')]

In the preceding example, if an HTML document were requested, templates with an html extension will be mapped to the Underscore template engine. Templates with a jade extension would be mapped to the Jade template engine.

Alternatively, the same could be expressed in _default.meta.js as:

(function() {
  var malifi_consolidate;
  malifi_consolidate = require('../../../index');
  module.exports = {
    template_map_: {
      'text/html': [
       ['html', malifi_consolidate('underscore')],
       ['jade', malifi_consolidate('jade')]

Of course, the metadata file could define other metadata, and the mapping could be established for any directory or even for individual URLs.