8 Packages by pigulla

  • fkt A collection of very simple but occasionally useful functions, primarily intended for use with (and as) callbacks and in unit tests.
  • grunt-encoding Check character encoding of files using iconv.
  • grunt-jira-todo Check statuses of TODOs referencing Jira tasks.
  • guerrero Traverse both remote and local file systems and collect information about movies, images and music via mediainfo.
  • jquery.idfy A simple jQuery-plugin that generates random ids for all elements in the current set that do not yet have one.
  • json-strictify Safely serialize a value to JSON without unintended loss of data or going into an infinite loop due to circular references.
  • lewd An intuitive and easy to use validation libray for JSON data.
  • mersennetwister A standalone, pure JavaScript implementation of the Mersenne Twister pseudo random number generator. Compatible with Node.js, requirejs and browser environments.