13 Packages by paulavery

  • anidb Basic AniDB requester. Supply your own clientid.
  • bar-provider Easy configuration for LemonBoy's bar
  • docker-service Manage docker containers as services
  • jrpc-schema Parses a json schema into a simple usable api object
  • koars-config Loading of config files
  • koars-defaults Provides default settings for the koars framework
  • koars-utils Utility functions for koars
  • lighthouse-provider lighthouse-provider =================== [![Build Status](](
  • modstrap Bootstrap npm modules
  • sails-generate-gulp-... Generate Gulp and Bower configs and scaffolding for a sailsjs project
  • tdir Create or Restore Directory Templates
  • wpmanager A wallpaper manager
  • xbmc-ws A wrapper for the xbmc jsonrpc interface