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KODI JSON-RPC Websocket client

This module provides a simple way to communicate with an Kodi media center installation. It should not be restricted to a specific version of kodi, as it pulls all its information about the available methods from JSONRPC.Introspect.

Install via npm install xbmc-ws


var kodi = require('xbmc-ws');
kodi('localhost', 9090).then(function(connection) {
    /* Do something with the connection */

Connection Object


The connection object emits the following events:


Emitted whenever the underlying websocket throws an error.


Emitted if the underlying socket is closed.


.notification(method, cb)

Assigns a handler to a notfication sent by connection. The cb function will be passed a single argument containing the notifications data. method should be a string containing the notifications name.

connection.notification('Player.OnPause', function() {


connection.Player.OnPause(function() {

.run(method, args...)

Runs the specified method. This function can be passed Parameters:'Application.SetMute', true);



The method returns a promise, which will be fulfilled as soon as the server responds. Multiple arguments can be passed either by order, or as an object by name:

var movies = connection.VideoLibrary.GetMovies(['title', 'rating', 'year'], {"start" : 0, "end": 2});

Arguments by name:

var movies = connection.VideoLibrary.GetMovies({
    properties: ['title', 'rating', 'year'],
    limits: {"start" : 0, "end": 2}