12 Packages by odysseas

  • arg1 Function wrapper that only passes 1st argument to function
  • express-linkedin-con... Adds linkedin connect routes to any express site
  • glutils The set of the utilities needed to code like Greg Little does
  • humanlike Emulates human to generates random timeseries of web session activity
  • mongo-feed Generic feed-like service that uses mongo and provides a post/recent api
  • mongo-sequence Simple sequence generator for node+mongodb
  • slugify-url Maps urls to simplified strings usable as filenames
  • through-logged Through stream that logs to console everything that passes through it.
  • uuid-encoded Generates strong UUIDs - like uuid module - but encodes to compress length with url-friendly 64-char alphabet
  • valid-url URI validation functions
  • webcommand Utility that exposes unix commands as web services
  • webcommand-express Exposes an express server that is supporting the webcommand protocol

1 Package starred by odysseas

  • paypal-pay Minimalist 'send money to email' - using the Paypal API