16 Packages by odino

  • cdnwhaaat Check that your files are on the CDN.
  • clusterjs Clusterify your NodeJS applications and deploy without downtimes. Just like that.
  • esbootstrap Helper to bootstrap an index and load fixtures to an elasticsearch instance
  • file-ensure Ensures that a file exists: if not, it creates it.
  • freshen-up Cache objects for a specified TTL. After that, freshen them up!
  • konzole Console applications for the masses
  • mockserver Easily mock your webservices while testing frontends.
  • nikki A browser-based IDE written in NodeJS. For Real.
  • node-blankline Because blanklines matter.
  • node-dock Handy interface for docker shell command
  • node-shell-parser Tiny and handy lib for parsing the usual space-separated tables we get as shell commands outputs
  • odino.router An HTTP router
  • reconfig JavaScript configurations as they're meant to be. Kinda.
  • shisha Simple smoke testing library in NodeJS
  • the-conductor An API Orchestration Layer (OL)
  • winston-graylog2 A graylog2 transport for winston