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    Shisha, smoke tests made easy!

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    Shisha is a smoke testing library written in NodeJs. Simply provide a list of URLs and expected status codes and Shisha will take care of testing them!


    You can install this library through NPM:

    npm install -g shisha


    In your project root directory, define a .smoke file: 200 200 404 403

    then simply cd into your project's root and run shisha!


    .smoke file

    Defining the .smoke file is flexible, you can define your URLs with variables in this form:

    http://{{ domain1 }}/{{ path }}/some-url 200
    http://{{ domain2 }}/{{ path }}/some-other-url 200

    By calling shisha --domain1 --domain2 --path api, the locals are populated automatically!


    Even more! You can define any text file with a list of URLs and expected status codes and point shisha at them using the --smoke option shisha --smoke ./my/other/project/.urls

    Smoke File Comments: you can add hash style comments inline by starting the line with a hash like this:

    # A comment 200


    To be able to extend shisha, simply:

    npm install --save shisha
    # then
    var shisha = require('shisha');

    Then, you will have access to the smoke method, that accepts following arguments:

    • a path to the smoke file or an object / list that defines your resources
    • a list of locals to replace in the smoke file: { domain1: '' }
    • a callback that is triggered when the smoke tests are completed.
    shisha.smoke(filePath, options, callback)
    # or, with an object:
    var resources = [{
      url: '',
      status: 200
      url: '',
      status: 404
    shisha.smoke(resources, options, callback);
    # or you can even use another
    # data model:
    var resources = {
      '': 200,
      '': 404,
    shisha.smoke(resources, options, callback);

    If you do not have any locals, you can omit them:

    shisha.smoke(filePath, callback)


    You can run tests locally with

    npm test

    The build is continuously run on travis.

    On SSL/TLS self signed certificates

    In order for shisha to work properly with servers hosting self signed certificates (mainly for development purposes) The CLI accepts a ca argument referring to the location of a local copy of the server's self signed certificate.

    shisha --ca /path/to/cert.pem


    Add an issue, open a PR, drop us an email! We would love to hear from you!



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