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    • React Component that shows your app memory activity.

      published 0.2.0 8 years ago
    • Quick and dirty Elo algorithm implementation in JS.

      published 1.0.1 8 years ago
    • Inspired by Haskell Prelude module, some helper functions.

      published 1.0.2 8 years ago
    • Switch as expressions for JavaScript

      published 1.0.0 8 years ago
    • microbe.js - A modular JS library for DOM manipulation, and more

      published 0.5.2 7 years ago
    • Smart contract components of 0x protocol

      published 2.1.2-0.0 5 years ago
    • published 1.1.0 4 years ago
    • Celo client for mobile

      published 0.0.419 8 months ago
    • *This a fork of drbh/wasm-flate*

      published 1.0.0 4 years ago
    • Celo's ContractKit to interact with Celo network

      published 3.1.0 16 days ago
    • CLI Tool for transacting with the Celo protocol

      published 1.8.0 16 days ago
    • Stands for _Permissioned Local Storage_ and is your companion to interact with Datawallet 3.0 and get access to your users' data ethically.

      published 1.1.1 4 years ago
    • Celo fork of @oclif/dev-cli

      published 2.0.4 3 years ago
    • Celo common utils

      published 3.1.0 16 days ago
    • typescript configuration

      published 0.0.1 3 years ago
    • DAppKit is a lightweight set of functions that allow mobile DApps to work with the Celo Wallet to sign transactions and access the user's account. This allows for a better user experience: DApps can focus on a great native experience without having to wor

      published 3.1.0 16 days ago
    • Celo's WalletKit to interact with Celo network

      published 0.0.15 3 years ago
    • A few useful web3 subproviders including a LedgerSubprovider useful for adding Ledger Nano S support.

      published 6.0.1 3 years ago
    • Native C/C++ implemented crypto libraries for React Native apps

      published 2.0.0 2 years ago
    • <p align="center"> <em>NOTICE</em>: <code>testrpc</code> is now <code>ganache-cli</code>. Use it just as you would <code>testrpc</code>. </p> <hr/>

      published 6.6.1 3 years ago
    • TypeChain target with web3 + celo/connect for Celo support

      published 0.2.0 2 years ago
    • Common library for the combiner and signer libraries

      published 2.0.2 16 days ago
    • Type definitions to be used with the Celo SDK (dev dependency)

      published 1.0.0 3 years ago
    • Celo base common utils, no dependencies

      published 3.1.0 16 days ago
    • A minimal wrapper to make Ethers.JS compatible with the Celo network.

      published 0.3.0 7 months ago
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