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Tool for interacting with the Celo Protocol.



Use yarn build:sdk <NETWORK> to build the sdk for the target environment (CLI dependency).

Use yarn build to compile the CLI.

Generate docs

Use yarn docs to populate packages/docs with generated documentation. Generated files should be checked in, and CI will fail if CLI modifications cause changes in the docs which were not checked in.

See @celo/dev-cli for how we customize doc generation.

Known build issues on Linux

I'm getting the follow error: Cannot find module '@celo/contractkit'.

A possible solution is to build the monorepo manually. Go to the celo-monorepo root directory and

> yarn build

If all works well, navigate to packages/cli.

I've got the cli built successfully but the running the cli yields: Error: Returned values aren't valid, did it run Out of Gas?.

When running the cli against a full node, this can mean that the contract artifacts are out of date. Solution: switch to the alfajores branch and build the celo-monorepo.

Go to the celo-monorepo root directory and

> git checkout alfajores
> yarn
> yarn build
> cd packages/cli
> ./bin/run account:balance $CELO_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS


npm i @celo/celocli

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