16 Packages by nicholasf

  • doppleganger For e.g., to mock GET
  • downstairs A light ORM wrapped about brianc's node-sql and node-pg
  • eccies-sequelize a Sequelize.js strategy for eccies.js
  • ectypes [![build status](](
  • ectypes-downstairs An ectypes strategy for Downstairs
  • ectypes-node-postgre... An ectypes strategy for node-postgres
  • ectypes-postgres An ectypes strategy for node-postgres
  • ectypes-sequelize a Sequelize.js strategy for eccies.js
  • envi an nconf wrapper around conf/env.js & env.json
  • faker2 Generate massive amounts of fake contextual data
  • knock-off (Documentation coming)
  • leadlight Lightweight data/object mapping framework. Wrap any persistence system with domain model functionality.
  • migrate-orm2 A library providing migrations using ORM2's model DSL leveraging Visionmedia's node-migrate.
  • nockoff An extensible request hijacker for mocking URLs in tests. Use it to simplify your testing against external APIs.
  • orm-migrate A command line tool for .
  • orm-migrate-keymaker a utility function for building foreign key constraints with node-orm-migrate2