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An ectypes strategy for node-postgres


npm install ectypes-postgres

Running tests


  1. ectypes-postgres uses ectypes as a peer dependency, so if you want to run tests locally you will have to manually npm install ectypes.

  2. Identify the connection string.

The postgres strategy connects via a connectionString that is passed into a constructor function.

For example, in the tests:

strategy = new PGStrategy(process.env['DBCONN']);

If you want the tests to run you will need to work out this value (see step 3). Similarly, if you want to develop against this lib you will need to come up with a way to identify this value.

  1. Run mocha

NODE_ENV=test DBCONN=postgres://nicholasf:@localhost/keno_api_link_test mocha

See the tests, and


Copyright (c) 2012 Nicholas Faiz
Licensed under the MIT license.