11 Packages by nap

  • express-view-cache Unobtrusive solution to express framework - cache rendered page on server side in redis database, without unnecessary database requests and rendering.
  • geomagnetic Parser for getting Earth magnetic fields values from
  • hunt High level nodejs framework build on top of expressjs, mongoose, sequilize, socketio and passportjs
  • hunt-mongoose-rest HuntJS RESTfull API for mongoosejs models
  • hunt-sequilize Use Sequilize.js models in Hunt.js application
  • nervecord Failproof task queue, redis backended, inspired by nervous system of nemathods
  • pageshooter Simple HuntJS powered application to make site screenshots.
  • passport-odesk Odesk authentication strategy for Passport.
  • slugify2 Module to create Human readable urls from string
  • static-yandex-map Generate URLs to show Yandex maps as jpeg images
  • yaboss Simple nodejs wrapper for Yahoo BOSS web api