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Generate URLs to show Yandex maps as jpeg/png images.


    var stym=require('static-yandex-map');
    var s=new stym(37.620070,55.753630)
    //Creating map object - setting coordinates of map center - 
    //getting API key is not mandatory 
    //   .setKey('key') //You can get it here - 
    //but you will have some limitations without it 
         .setType('satellite')//one of 'map','satellite','hybrid','traffic' 
         //image size in pixels - max size is 650x450 - 
         //Setting map scale 0-17(highest) 
         //Set viewport span in degrees - analogous to setZ 
                //select one of 'ru-RU','tr-TR', 'en-US', 'uk-UA' 
    //Placing points on map 
    //details here : 
    // ->,55.75363&l=sat&lang=en-US&size=450,450&z=13&pt=37.62007,55.75363,pmwtm1~37.64,55.76363,pmwtm99 

This is example of map:

Example of map


On *nix machines Yandex Map api key can be set as enviroment variable:

$ export yandexMapApiKey='ALTJHk8BAAAAREWTEg=='; node app.js

You can get this key from this page:


Link to full documentation on Yandex.Maps API


Install vows and test as usual

$ npm install vows
$ npm test

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The MIT License Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Ostroumov Anatolij

Before using this plugin, please, read the terms of use and restrictions for Yandex.Maps API:

The Yandex.Maps API can be freely used by any users who follow the requirements in the following Agreements:

User Agreement for the "Yandex.Maps API" service

Terms of Use for the “Yandex.Maps” service

User Agreement for Yandex Services

Please note that the Yandex.Maps API cannot be used for fee-based cartographic services or services that restrict third-party access in any other way. Requiring user registration is not considered as restricting access.