15 Packages by monokrome

  • glp Abstract various configuration formats through gulp.
  • inform-client Client library for communicating with the InformJS daemon.
  • inform-daemon A service for letting you know about interesting events!
  • inform-plugin-exampl... An example plugin for InformJS.
  • inform-plugin-tropo-... Leverage the Inform daemon to send SMS messages over the Tropo API.
  • inform-plugin-twilio... Leverage the power of Twilio to send SMS notifications over InformJS.
  • inform-shared Shared libraries for the inform client and daemon libraries.
  • irccd An IRC "client-daemon" which lets you daemonize multiple IRC clients and publish their events to your desktop.
  • jaded-brunch Adds jade support to brunch.
  • json-brunch Adds JSON support to brunch.
  • node-wiki A wiki for NodeJS.
  • prefer Configuration management for NodeJS
  • prefer-cli A tool for exploring prefer configuration data.
  • unite Your databases. United.
  • xmx The extensible multiplexing expression library!