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    A simple configuration system for building projects using gulp.


    Firstly, install glp. It is recommended to be installed globally, but it is not a requirement. Installing it globally may be unnecessary if you have ./node_modules/.bin in your path or if you run it manually via other means - such as npm start. You can install it globally with this terminal command:

    npm install -g glp

    If you get an error that you don't have permission to the files or you don't want to install it globally, you can install it into your current directory's node_modules with this terminal command:

    npm install glp

    In most cases, you can put your scripts into a src/scripts directory, and glp will build them into the public directory. Templates go in src/templates, and stylesheets go into src/stylesheets with the default configuration, but you can always define your own configuration options if you would like to specify a more complicated build process. To create a default configuration, create a new file called glp.yml and give it the following content:

    glp: {}

    Thanks to PreferJS, the configuration file can also be placed in etc/glp.yml, ~/.config/glp.yml, ~/glp.yml, /usr/local/etc/glp.yml or any other standard locations on both Windows and UNIX platforms. It can also be created in a varienty of formats, so you could call it glp.json,, glp.cson, glp.ini, glp.xml, or use any other format supported by PreferJS.

    The configuration file format for GLP provides users the ability to instruct GLP exactly how you want your files built. Some potential ways to configure GLP include:

    • files with named groups and where to find them
    • filters for introducing new ways to transform files in file group
    • plugins options for changing the way that glp uses them for each file group
    • concatenators for defining which plugins are used for joining files in a file group
    • minifiers for changing how a file group is minified
    • extensions for defining the suffix of output files for each file group.
    • liveReload options for defining how changes affect your browser after compiling.
    • static options for defining routing of built files to a local web server
    • tasks to overlay different groupings of options based on command-line arguments

    More details for configuration can be found here.




    npm i glp

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