16 Packages by mithgol

  • astree This project (`node-abstract-syntax-tree`) is an implementation of AST (abstract syntax tree) for Node.js. It can be used to build renderers of markup languages.
  • autumn A tool to export answers from a Formspring ( account.
  • dauria Node.js module for Data URI applications. It performs conversions between Node.js Buffers and RFC2397-compliant Data URIs, or vice versa.
  • fghi-url FGHI URL parser
  • fido2rss Makes RSS feeds out of Fidonet echomail areas.
  • fidoconfig A reader of fidoconfig (Fidonet configuration) files.
  • fidohtml Makes HTML code out of a Fidonet message.
  • fidonet-jam Fidonet JAM message base parser
  • fiunis A decoder and an encoder of Fidonet Unicode substrings.
  • nodelist Fidonet nodelist parser for Node.js
  • nwglobal Node.js globals for node-webkit's HTML5
  • phido Fidonet browser with a GUI.
  • simteconf A reader of simple text configuration files
  • singlebyte Supports more 1-byte encodings than Node.js Buffer
  • uue UUE decoder and encoder for Node.js
  • webbbs Fidonet WebBBS application module for Express.js web server.