17 Packages by mhkeller

  • adjacent Adjacent ===
  • algorerhythm
  • algorerhythms Algorerhythms ===
  • alphabits A combination of the Cheerio and Request libraries to make a nodejs scraper that doesn't have the same memory leak issues as node-scraper, which uses jsdom.
  • banquo Banquo ===
  • config-tree A reworking of npm's init-package-json to make reusable prompt-based CLIs for making config.json files.
  • formd Turn Google Form responses into markdown.
  • gdoc-to-s3 This library has been deprecated and become [turntable]( Please use that instead.
  • git-static-diffuse Turn a directory of git directories into a static file server with browsable branches and commits.
  • indian-ocean A library for reading in and writing out data in Node.js.
  • joiner A simple utility for SQL-like joins with Json or GeoJson data. Also creates join reports so you can know how successful a given join was.
  • kestrel-cli The command-line tool interface for Kestrel — a tool for staging, hosting and deploying static files. Use in conjunction with:
  • kestrel-server A hook to listen to GitHub and swoop files off to S3. Cli:
  • mockingjay Create a twitter bot that follows a list and retweets tweets that match a regex pattern.
  • tablespoon A NodeJS postgres wrapper to easily create tabls from json or csv data and run queries.
  • tktk The TK toolkit. Utilities for dealing with data in Node.js.
  • turntable A node.js package to put a Google Spreadsheet onto an Amazon S3 server, plus some other niceties.