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Git Static Diffuse

Turn a directory of Git repositories into a static file server as well as browse and view repositories, branches and commits in the browser.

This fork differs from the original git-static in it serves multiple Git repos from one directory by specifying the name of the repo as the first part of your URL. The original serves only one repo, unless I completely misunderstood what it's doing... which is possible.

This fork also includes a web server to browse the tree.


Install globally so you can access it from the command line

npm install git-static-diffuse -g

Starting the server

cd into the folder that holds your git repositories and start the server with moire.

moire start

Go to http://localhost:3000/repository/HEAD/path/to/file.html to view a file from the source repository. You can replace HEAD with a specific commit version, short names and aliases for commits such as 0ad4156 or HEAD~1, or even branch names.

You can also navigate to any part of that path to view the tree.

View all repos


View all branches


View all commits


Clicking on a commit will assume that you have an index.html file and take you to that.


If you want to keep the server alive while you're editing it, use nodemon and include the jade files

nodemon path/to/bin/index.js start -e js,jade,css

Also watch the stylus files

stylus -w path/to/gsd-server/public/stylesheets/