17 Packages by marcuswestin

  • caret-position Get and set the user's caret/selection on input/textarea elements
  • fin Realtime data layer for web applications
  • fun A programming language for realtime web applications
  • fun-dom dom library
  • g.raphael An npm package of g.raphael
  • kafka A node client for Kafka
  • opentsdb-dashboard A dashboard for OpenTSDB
  • raphael JavaScript Vector Library
  • raphael-zoom Add non destructive zoom functionaliy to Raphael
  • remote-console A remote console for webapp development
  • require javascript module management! brings node's require statement to the browser
  • std javascript standard library
  • store A localStorage wrapper for all browsers without using cookies or flash. Uses localStorage, globalStorage, and userData behavior under the hood
  • store.js Renamed on npm from store.js to store. See
  • tags A small, fast & standalone convenience library for building dom.
  • Homepage of the programming language Fun
  • ui platform agnostic ui models