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Raphaël Zoom plugin - 0.0.4

What is it?

An extension to the Raphael Vector Library.
It enables Raphael to zoom the whole paper, stroke widths included.

The zoom functionality is non destructive. This means that you can set the zoom back to 1 (100%) at any time.


Basic usage:

Create a paper of 800 × 500 at 10, 10 and initialize it's zoom

var paper = Raphael(10, 10, 800, 500).initZoom();

Add a circle and initialize it's zoom

var circle =, 120, 100).initZoom();
  fill:           "#83B100",
  stroke:         "#333",
  "stroke-width": 10

Set the paper zoom to 50%


When using a zoomed paper the standard "attr" method should be replaced with "setAttr". The raphael.zoom plugin will than take care of zoomed stroke widths and text elements.

Example of setting attributes with the zoom plugin:

circle.setAttr("stroke-width", 2);


circle.setAttr({ "stroke-width": 2 });

Important: Using element.attr instead of element.setAttr with a zoomed paper, the shape will be transformed in the current zoom value and not the real value!

Also element.translate shoud be replaced with element.setTranslation. Like

Translate element

circle.setTranslation(20, 30);



  • animated zoom