17 Packages by marchant

  • bluemoon {{name}} ==============
  • collections data structures with idiomatic JavaScript collection interfaces
  • digit ![digit](overview/assets/images/icon.png)
  • dr A CommonJS module dependency analyzer for Montage
  • frb Functional reactive bindings
  • matte matte ==============
  • minit [![Build Status](](
  • montage Build your next application with a browser based platform that really gets the web.
  • montage-native montage-native ==============
  • montage-splitter A MontageJS component to create a split resizable ui.
  • montage-tabs A MontageJS component to create a tabbed ui.
  • montage-testing Montage Testing ===============================
  • mop Optimizes Montage applications for production by minifying, to reduce file size, and creating bundles, to reduce the number of requests.
  • mousse Deserialization of JavaScript objects
  • mr A refresh-only CommonJS module system for browsers, used in Montage
  • native montage-native ==============
  • promise-facebook The facebook SDK but with a promise api.