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Montage Testing ===============================

Montage Testing

MontageJS uses some pure unit tests that are straightforward Jasmine specs.

To install the test code, run npm install in your project folder. This installs the montage-testing package, which adds some useful utilities for writing jasmine tests. You will need the file run-tests.html.

For an example of how we implement unit testing, see the digit repository:

  • run-tests loads our test environment.
  • data-module="test/all" inside the final script tag tells the system to load test/all.js.
  • all.js specifies a list of module ids for the runner to execute.

Note that in this example, all the tests load a page in an iframe using TestPageLoader.queueTest(). These are akin to integration tests since they test the component in a real environment.

We also test some components by mocking their dependencies.

Last edited: March 12, 2014