10 Packages by mandarind

  • docolate Easy Express API Documentation
  • gulp-semverify Gulp plugin that checks package.json dependencies to make sure they meet version policy
  • react-datepicker-com... A standalone ReactJS datepicker component, no jquery etc..
  • react-jsx-view Renders children as jsx markup
  • react-tree-menu A tree menu component for React
  • react-tweenable A simple component and mixin that wraps the excellent [react-tween-state](
  • sebastian A flow-control library aimed at encouraging organized, testable code.
  • semverify Update your package.json dependencies to satisfy a semver policy
  • trazar A xunit chart image generator intended for continuous integration purposes.
  • winston-sns-iam An SNS transport that works with or without explicitly passed AWS credentials. If no credentials provided, the EC2 metadata service is called to obtain temporary IAM role-based credentials