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Used to warn when your package dependencies don't match your semver policy. Helps w/ enforcing a particular dependency version policy.

Supported version patterns

  • X.Y.Z - basically saying you want exact versions specified everywhere
  • X.Y., X., etc - saying you want to specify at a patch, minor, etc
  • ^X.Y.Z - require caret operator ("compatible with)
  • ~X.Y.Z - require tilde operator ("reasonably close")

Haven't tested a single wildcard ('*'), but if you have that in your dependencies you probably don't need something like this!


Determine what your policy is (e.g. X.Y.*, where you will only get new patch-level versions). Then test it against a package.json:

var semverify = require('semverify');
semverify.process("package.json", "X.Y.*")

See gulp-semverify for gulp integration.