16 Packages by malgorithms

  • affine A library for basic 2D affine transformations
  • bitropy better passwords with controllable entropy
  • brew A NodeJS module for compiling and packaging together files with async updates.
  • codesign Directory content codesign and comparer
  • dropboxapi Dropbox access via their API v1.x - very, very much in an alpha state right now
  • geom2d A library for basic 2D affine transformations; will likely add other little items
  • json-micro Smaller JSON objects by sacrificing float accuracy
  • keybase-proofs Publicly-verifiable proofs of identity
  • more-entropy Generate more entropy to combine with Node's crypto.rng or window.crypto
  • segmentree A module/lib for keeping track of segments
  • stree A module/lib for keeping track of segments
  • tablify Quick and painless printing of tabular data
  • tda An incomplete library for making API calls to TDAmeritrade
  • toffee A NodeJs, Express 3.x, Express 2.x, and browser-side templating language based on CoffeeScript with slicker tokens and syntax.
  • zademlia A module for growing contextfree (cfdg) style results, including sprite objects. Does not actually render. Just returns shapes to be output.
  • zoom-canvas A module/lib for keeping objects in a canvas