12 Packages by machadogj

  • acs-cli node.js client for azure acs management service.
  • cdproxy connect and express middleware for proxying cross domain requests.
  • Access your node.js console remotely.
  • Client package for (
  • crypto-reader helper for creating crypto credentials based on cert files.
  • google-bigquery node.js package for accessing google bigquery through a service account
  • jwt-sign JWT(JSON Web Token) sign module
  • kido The KidoZen command line utility
  • node-rest-api Kidozen's connector to invoke REST services
  • odata-cli odata client for node.js
  • simple-errors Errors constructor for simple error handling.
  • winston-mailer Winston transport based on mailer. It buffers errors, and packs them in one email if necessary.