9 Packages by krisnye

  • browser-build Makes commonjs modules available in the browser via window.require('module-name')
  • coffeebars Handlebars style microtemplating with coffeescript logic
  • glass-build Contains scripts for building glass based projects.
  • glass-platform Glass platform
  • glass-script a safe JSON path expression and simple scripting language. Suitable for evaluating untrusted javascript like code in a sandbox.
  • glass-test Simple module unit test frameworks
  • ion ion language ========================
  • schematic json-schema properties type properties patternProperties additionalProperties items additionalItems c required => now an array ['a', 'b'] dependencies minimum maximum exclusiveMinimum : boolean exclusiveMaximum : boolean minItems maxItems uniqueItems pattern minLength maxLength enum - default - title - description - format divisibleBy disallow extends ---------------------------- maxProperties minProperties x allOf anyOf oneOf not
  • watchdirectory watchdirectory ==============