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This project provides a command-line utility for packaging a Launch extension into a zip file. While using this utility is not necessary, it will validate your extension and make an effort to exclude anything from the zip file not necessary for the extension to run properly.

For more information regarding Launch, please visit our product website.

Installing the Packager

To use this project you will need to have Node.js installed on your computer. After you download and install Node.js you will also have access to the npm package manager for JavaScript. Your npm version will need to be at least 3.0.0. You can check the installed version by running the following command from a command line:

npm -v

After you have installed Node.js on your machine, you will need to initialize your project. Create a folder for your project if you don't already have one. Inside the folder, run

npm init

You will need to provide the information requested on the screen. After this process is complete, you should have a file called package.json inside your folder.

You will then need to install @adobe/reactor-packager and save it in your project's devDependencies by running

npm install @adobe/reactor-packager --save-dev


To build a file for your extension, run node_modules/.bin/reactor-packager from the command line within your project's directory. A zip file should appear in your project's directory.

Rather than type the path to the reactor-packager script each time you would like the run the packager, you may wish to set up a script alias by adding a scripts node to your package.json as follows:

  "scripts": {
    "package": "reactor-packager"

Once this is in place, you may then run the packager by executing the command npm run package from the command line.