14 Packages by kid-icarus

  • g-auth
  • glitch-jpg Dead simple jpg glitching
  • hitmarker A HitMaker makes target and clack clack
  • icarusbot An IRC bot.
  • icarusbot-lysergix Adds a handler for a `!face` message that posts a random face from [lysergix-api](
  • icarusbot-reddit A Reddit command for icarusbot
  • icarusbot-twitter Twitter plugin for icarus-bot
  • lysergix MAKE FACES ((((((O))))))((((((O))))))))
  • lysergix-api A Smiley Face API
  • lysergix-gm an api that writes smilies on images.
  • revisit-meatspac This little project is an example express app that abides by the [ spec.]( and posts an image to an instance of [Meatspaces](
  • ship-status An HTTP server that describes your current relationship.
  • web-cool-ascii-faces Basic API for cool ascii faces
  • webrtc2images A small client side library to convert getUserMedia video into pngs