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IcarusBot Twitter Plugin

Adds a handler for a !tw message that posts a user's most current tweet, with an option to specify the users Xth previous tweet.

Available commands:

  • !tw example-user - Pull in the latest tweet from user example-user
  • !tw example-user 5 - Pull in the 5th latest tweet from the user


  • Create an 'app' at, and generate api keys and an access token.
  • In your bot, require the plugin, passing the bot, followed by an options object.


var bot = require('icarusbot')
var twetter = require('icarusbot-twitter')(bot, {
  apiKey: 'your really long api key',
  apiSecret: 'your really long api secret',
  accessToken: 'your really long access token',
  accessSecret: 'your really long access secret',