13 Packages by jgautier

  • corevis Visualize Node.JS coredumps with HTML using mdb(1)
  • daemontools Control daemontools (svc, svstat) with Node
  • firmata A library to control an arduino running firmata
  • imagesnap Capture Images from webcam with nodejs
  • lb_pool in-process HTTP load balancer client with retries
  • nagios-html-email Generate HTML emails for Nagios service and host alerts
  • require-jade require for jade templates in node and in the browser.
  • serialportify Brings node-serialport to the browser via dnode.
  • sse4_crc32 Hardware-accelerated CRC32 based on Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2
  • zag graph metrics
  • zag-agent send metrics to zag-daemon
  • zag-backend-pg postgres backend for zag metrics
  • zag-daemon aggregate metrics data