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aggregate metrics data

The daemons aggregate the raw points sent by zag-agent.

It is also responsible for monitoring and alerting, though that functionality is disabled for now.

In order to scale, metrics data can be spread across multiple daemons that are configured as a ring. A list of their address:ports needs to be passed in as the join option.

{ host:   "address:port"
, join:  ["address:port"]
, db:     "postgres://postgres:1234@localhost/postgres"
, env:    "prod" or "dev"
, backend: require('zag-backend-pg')
}).on("error", function(err) { })

zag-agent uses the UDP API.

The primary protocol for recording metrics is over UDP. Each daemon is running a UDP server on

The data should be newline-delimited lines of the form:



  • type - counter or histogram.
  • key - [>| \w/._()+:-]+
  • value - Number. Positive or negative, integer or decimal.

POST /api/metrics

The POST body should be in the same format as the UDP data. The points are recorded as the arrive, so the client can just keep sending data down a single connection instead of making repeated requests.