17 Packages by jedmao

  • blink Blink converts Node.js modules into CSS and provides a CSS Authoring Framework, with BEM support.
  • blink-cli The blink command line interface.
  • blink-middleware Blink middleware for Express.
  • bombom Detect, enforce or strip BOM signatures.
  • codepainter A JavaScript beautifier that can both infer coding style and transform code to reflect that style. You can also set style preferences explicitly in a variety of ways.
  • eclint Validate or fix code that doesn't adhere to EditorConfig settings or infer settings from existing code.
  • editorconfig EditorConfig File Locator and Interpreter for Node.js
  • gitlike-cli A git-like CLI library
  • grunt-blink Grunt plugin for Blink.
  • gulp-blink Gulp plugin for Blink.
  • inuit.settings.defau... inuitcss' default settings.
  • inuitcss' default functions
  • inuitcss.settings inuitcss' default settings.
  • iso-http An HTTP request library that enables isomorphic applications.
  • linez Parses lines from text, preserving line numbers, offsets and line endings.
  • ts-compiler TypeScript compilation via the typescript-api
  • typescript-api TypeScript API exposed (includes definition file)

2 Packages starred by jedmao

  • gulp-typescript A typescript compiler for gulp with incremental compilation support.
  • node.extend A port of jQuery.extend that actually works on node.js