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TypeScript API exposed (includes definition file)

TypeScript API

TypeScript API exposed (includes definition file).

This version is compatable with TypeScript 1.0.

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TypeScript Usage

First, install dt-node as a bower dependency:

$ bower install --save-dev dt-node

Then, you can reference the typescript-api.d.ts. You have to do it this way because the typescript-api has to use the same node.d.ts that your application is using. Otherwise, it will throw compiler errors.

/// <reference path="node_modules/typescript-api/typescript-api.d.ts" />
import ts = require('typescript-api');
var compiler = new ts.TypeScriptCompiler(new ts.NullLogger());

JavaScript Usage

var ts = require('typescript-api');
var compiler = new ts.TypeScriptCompiler(new ts.NullLogger());


Released under the MIT license.

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