11 Packages by itsatony

  • bubpubsub a pubsub system with bubbling, replies and persistence
  • escalator a javascript flow-control || step-wise execution system with between-step delays and in-execution step-manipulation and errorHandling
  • lg logger class able to use mongodb, the console, a file.
  • minions a weird set of little Javascript helpers we use for both nodeJS and browsers
  • njson a service to log from nodeJS to a json web tree-view
  • nobase nobase is a nodejs document db running exclusively in-process memory
  • nrepl a nodeJS 0.10 compatible REPL server/client. simple, but includes autoComplete and colors, and local scope access for clients.
  • nsure nsure is a JS class that allows deep testing/sanitation, modification chains and model generation of objects.
  • obsy atomic object/namespace sync across processes using observe and redis
  • redistributor redistributor is a nodeJS library that distributes redis commands to instances by command (e.g. reads vs. writes)
  • streamit streamIt a readable stream (node 0.10+) variant taking Buffer or Stream inputs