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nJSON is a service to log json data to a redis-instance and display&filter it via a json web tree-view. is a public (and free) nJSON server instance anybody can use to log JS variables/json data to and explore it.

any kind of contributions are super welcome!

the njson repository includes

  • a simple server you can run on your own machine. ( alternatively, using is free )

    • (with a http GET) /?id={{id}} uses to show data stored in the given redis key (id)

    • (with a http POST or PUT) /?id={{id}} checks for JSON data format and writes that into the redis key id

    • all submitted data is auto-deleted after 24h

  • a simple nodejs client that can be used from any nodejs project to log variables to njson

    • it allows easily sending json to any njson server like this
    var nJSON = require('njson');
    var njson = nJSON.client();
    njson(variable, href, callback); 
    // href is optional and defaults to .
    // callback is optional. you will receive the id to access your data.
    // check for details.
  • a jQuery dependent client-library that allows sending of variables to njson from any browser-js app
        <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            njson(someVariable, someId);
            // someId is optional. if you want to supply it, it needs to be 45 characters in length


$ npm install njson



$ node example-server


$ node example-client