15 Packages by influx6

  • ascolor a simple ascii color library
  • ecmr a simple script to run a command continouse over an interval
  • extensionmgr "simple extension manangement tool,very lightweight"
  • filetree simple,lightweight concatenation script
  • fs.plug file system plug for plug.js framework
  • grids reactive function code block grid
  • jaz simple tdd testing framework
  • jsconcat simple,lightweight concatenation script
  • pathmax a pattern matching libray
  • plugd flux pattern based framework on the mbp-fbp derivative
  • resourcedjs a simple restful resource url mapper
  • routd a routing libray
  • stack-packs utility chain with classes,events,promises,etc
  • stackq utility chain with classes,events,promises,etc
  • stub simple,lightweight class structure library