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Simple lightweight file concatenation script,jams all your files into a single file, so you dont have to!
Uses the uglify-js library for compression of javascript files if specified.


npm install jsconcat -g

How to:

Simple create a script in your projects root directory,require in the jsconcat library
and specify the files you need to be processed.


	uglify(TRUE/FALSE): a boolean value property,a true value tells the script to use uglify 
	for compression,for js codes only.
	src_dir: a string specifying the location of the files to be used.
	build_dir: a string specifying the location to store the produced file.
	name: the name to call the final file produced.
	src: an array containing the files to be concatenated.


file:   js-build  =>
	var jsconcat = require('jsConcat').JsConcat;

	var monster_engine = {
		      uglify: true,
			src_dir : './assets/js',
			name: 'monster_engine.js',

	var curler = {
				uglify: true,
			src_dir : './assets/js/curler',
			name: 'curler.js',
			src: ['curler.js']	

	monster_engine.build_dir = curler.build_dir = " ./builds";


navigate to your projects root directory in your terminal and run "node js-build" ;