18 Packages by gregrperkins

  • aberr
  • besync Utils for async operations on js objects.
  • ccp Closure compilation packaging.
  • closure-library A powerful, low level JavaScript library designed for building complex and scalable web applications
  • connect-appender Middleware to append some text to the body of outgoing responses.
  • formation Multi-element build system.
  • funct Function helpers for use with besync, or just because.
  • grunt-mocha-hack A hacky wrapper to run node.js lib Mocha tests via grunt.
  • grunt-mocha-phantom-... Grunt task for running client-side Mocha specs in PhantomJS with reporters
  • html5-entities A table mapping HTML5 entity patterns to unicode code points
  • pbjs-compiler Protobuf to javascript goog.proto2.Message compiler.
  • racetrack Call chains and race condition tracking in callback hell.
  • redwood Tagged logging.
  • rep Closure Compiler optimized, disposable, reactive models
  • shoulda Adds some junk to should
  • soyjar Wrapper for
  • soyset Bundlerizing wrapper for soynode.
  • timewalk Checks time during an os.walk