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Racetrack is a way to make sure that all your async calls are completed, and to find out where they went wrong if any of them are not completed.

It's meant to be easy to drop in for classes that have a bunch of methods whose last parameter are all a function. Otherwise you'll have to preface each function with a trace hook.

It's still pretty raw.

Example output (within soyset mocha tests)

The first call is made with

racetrack.mocha(soySet, {print: true, indent: 2, fns: {
  '_resetToCompiledButNotLoaded': false

And the second is just


Note that the second catches a bug that mocha missed!

    ✓ is started with a proper soyJar
      ◦ gives callback a list of soy files: [0:getManifest] getManifest
 [1:getSoyRoots] getSoyRoots
   [2:_refresh] _refresh
   [2:_refresh] done.
     [3:_getSoyRoots] _getSoyRoots
     [3:_getSoyRoots] done.
 [1:getSoyRoots] done.
       [4:_soyRootsToSoyFiles] _soyRootsToSoyFiles
       [4:_soyRootsToSoyFiles] done.
[0:getManifest] done.
      ✓ gives callback a list of soy files
      ✓ outputs a directory with compiled js (913ms)
1 incomplete calls in [object Object].
{ args: [ 'getSoyJsRoot' ],
  count: 10,
  name: 'getSoyJsRoot',
  descr: '[10:getSoyJsRoot]' }