15 Packages by gmaclennan

  • blitline-resizer Resizes images using Blitline
  • d3-xhr d3.xhr wrapped as an npm module
  • document-change-obse... Observers an HTML document (or any element) for added or removed nodes
  • gistfs.js Github gist API wrapper to writeFile and readFile
  • github-webhook-middl... Express middleware for receiving and validating Github webhooks
  • hubfs.js Github API wrapper to writeFile and readFile
  • openrosa-form-submis... Express middleware for receiving OpenRosa xform submissions
  • openrosa-formlist Create a valid OpenRosa FormList of xforms see
  • openrosa-manifest Create a valid OpenRosa manifest document see
  • openrosa-request-mid... Basic middleware for serving OpenRosa compliant responses for express middleware
  • osm2json Converts an OSM XML file to JSON objects as a transform stream
  • parse-dms Parse degrees minutes seconds coordinates to decimal degrees
  • parse-github-payload Parses a github push event payload adding a list of files added, modified and removed to the payload
  • simple-odk A minimal ODK server for receiving form submissions from a mobile device and saving them as JSON on github
  • xform-to-json Translate an XForm XML string to JSON.