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    Parses a github push event payload adding a list of files added, modified and removed to the payload

    parsePayload(payload, [options], [options.matchName], [options.ignoreCommit])

    Parses a Github webhook payload returning a clone of the payload with additional useful properties.

    Right now it only does anything with the push event adding a property _files with arrays of files that have been added, modified and removed by the push event.


    If you want to act on added or modified files that are present in the most recent commit. A single push event might include commits that add then delete a file. In this case that file would not be included in _files.added. This is most useful for webhooks that act on files added or modified in push events.


    parameter type description
    payload Object Github webhook payload
    [options] Object optional:
    [options.matchName] Regex optional: only return files that match this regex.
    [options.ignoreCommit] Regex optional: ignore files submitted with a commit message that matches this regex - useful for avoiding circular webhooks

    Returns parsedPayload, a new parsedPayload with the _files property.

    _files.modified Array of files in push event commits, with duplicates removed and any files that were removed in a later commit also removed.

    _files.removed Array of files removed from the repo in the commits in the push event, duplicates removed.

    _files.added Array of files added to and modified in the repo, with duplicates removed and any files that were removed in a later commit also removed.

    _files.added_and_modified array of files that have been added and modified in the commits in a push event, excluding files that were added or modified and subsequently deleted.


    Requires nodejs.

    $ npm install parse-github-payload


    $ npm test


    npm i parse-github-payload

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