13 Packages by glenjamin

  • amqpea Easy Peasy AMQP
  • async-pool-cue Limit concurrency of actions with a queue for Node.js
  • checkers Property-based testing for JavaScript via ClojureScript's test.check
  • connect-hopeful-body... Attempt to parse body data without an Accept header
  • mocha-multi A bit of a hack to get multiple reporters working with mocha
  • nodespec A light-weight RSpec-esque testing framework
  • nodeunit-tape Just enough tape to run nodeunit tests in the browser
  • react-hotkey A simple mixin for application hotkeys with react
  • shonkwrap npm shrinkwrap without the noise
  • simon-says A basic DSL for async control flow in BDD-style tests
  • t-shirt Bringing t-shirts to npm
  • tel Super simple DI for JavaScript, targetted mainly at spec test setup
  • tracey Get a parsed stack trace for the current location