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    A bit of a hack to get multiple reporters working with mocha

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    npm install mocha-multi --save-dev
    mocha --reporter mocha-multi

    Choosing Reporters

    For both methods below, the special value of - (hyphen) for destination uses normal stdout/stderr.

    With the multi Environment Variable

    Set the environment variable multi to whitespace-separated type=destination pairs.

    multi='dot=- xunit=file.xml doc=docs.html' mocha -R mocha-multi

    With --reporter-options

    Pass --reporter-options with comma-separated type=destination pairs.

    mocha -R mocha-multi --reporter-options dot=-,xunit=file.xml,doc=docs.html

    From a file

    Using either of the above methods, include a type=destination pair where the type is mocha-multi and the destination is a filename, e.g. mocha-multi=mocha-multi-reporters.json

    More reporters will be loaded from the named file, which must be valid JSON in the same data format described below for passing reporterOptions to Mocha programmatically.

    Using mocha-multi programmatically

    You may specify the desired reporters (and their options) by passing reporterOptions to the Mocha contructor.

    For example: the following config is the equivalent of setting multi='spec=- Progress=/tmp/mocha-multi.Progress.out', with the addition of passing the verbose: true option to the Progress reporter.

    var reporterOptions = {
    	Progress: {
    		stdout: "/tmp/mocha-multi.Progress.out",
    		options: {
    			verbose: true
    	spec: "-"
    var mocha = new Mocha({
        ui: "bdd"
        reporter: "mocha-multi",
        reporterOptions: reporterOptions
    mocha.addFile("test/dummy-spec.js"); onRun(failures){

    The options will be passed as the second argument to the reporter constructor.

    How it works

    A big hack that keeps changing the value of process.stdout and process.stderr whenever a reporter is doing its thing.


    Yeah, Sorry!

    All the hacks

    This is very hacky, specifically:

    • The process and console objects get their internal state messed with
    • process.exit is hacked to wait for streams to finish writing
    • Only works if reporters queue writes synchronously in event handlers

    Could this be a bit less hacky?

    • Now that is released the process.exit hack could maybe be tidier

    • Having each reporter run in a child process would make it eaiser to capture their streams, but might lead to other issues


    • Add tests for coverage reports
    • Add tests which produce multiple reports at once
    • Add test for help text
    • Add test that uses --no-exit


    1.0.0 (unreleased)

    The breaking changes are mostly around internals, and shouldn't affect most people.

    • BREAKING: MochaMulti.prototype.done removed, new MochaMulti(...).done now optional
    • BREAKING: new MochaMulti(...).options removed
    • BREAKING: Must run at least mocha@>=2.2.0
    • BREAKING: Must run at least node@>=6.0.0
    • Correctly set exit code when writing to files
    • Declare support for mocha@^4.0.0
    • Support running mocha without a run callback
    • Upgrade to ES2015+ via eslint-preset-airbnb-base (MochaMulti is an ES class)
    • Avoid patching stderr, now that mocha does not write to it



    npm i mocha-multi

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