2 Packages by garthk

  • holiday-udp Sends frames to the MooresCloud Holiday UDP API
  • tagstream streamOfXmlText.pipe(tagstream()).pipe(streamOfXmlEvents)

12 Packages starred by garthk

  • autodoc Doc generation on steroids
  • browser-request Browser port of the Node.js 'request' package
  • debuglog backport of util.debuglog from node v0.11
  • dezalgo Contain async insanity so that the dark pony lord doesn't eat souls
  • dotc c module system with #require and #export, node-style
  • hapi HTTP Server framework
  • highland The high-level streams library
  • mori Persistent Data Structures for JavaScript
  • nodeify Convert promised code to use node style callbacks
  • pretty-error See nodejs errors with less clutter
  • reggie An experimental light weight alternative to a full blown npm registry
  • stackup Long stack traces based on async listeners